What is a Testnet?


Testnet is a test network environment for bitcoin development.

If real bitcoins are used in the code being developed, there is a risk of losing the bitcoins if some error occurs.

In order to avoid such risks, the Testnet network exists separately from the regular bitcoin network (=Mainnet).

In Testnet, pseudo coins with no value can be handled like real bitcoins.

Difference between Testnet and Mainnet

Testnet operates under the same conditions and behavior as Mainnet . On the other hand, it is more secure and cheaper to verify than Mainnet.

Bitcoins on Testnet can be used just like legitimate bitcoins, but they have no value as a cryptocurrency and cannot be exchanged for dollars or euros.

On the other hand, Bitcoin used on Mainnet is a cryptocurrency that is circulating in the market and can be exchanged for dollars, euros, and other currencies on exchanges.

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