What is Miner?


The people who perform the work (mining) of approving the successful completion of Bitcoin transactions. Miners receive a set number of bitcoins as a reward for their successful work.

Bitcoin is designed to be mined successfully through the action of adding transactions to the blockchain, and the newly issued bitcoins are paid as a reward.

Currencies such as the dollar and the euro require people to earn money by working or selling goods.

In contrast, Bitcoin is a system in which you are rewarded if you successfully use a computer to perform calculations, and many people perform the calculation work known as mining.

For this reason, there are not a few miners who are not only individuals, but also organizations and corporations that are engaged in mining.

Miners also have the right to generate blocks for their share. The right to generate is the right to vote on changes to the Bitcoin protocol, and it is impossible to make arbitrary changes that would not persuade the miners.

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