What is Hash Rate?

Hash Rate

Hash Rate is a unit that expresses the speed of mining. It is used as an indicator for selecting a machine for mining, since the level of the machine determines the hash rate approximately.

Mining is the process of approving transaction data, and in order to perform mining, miners need to perform a huge amount of simple calculations.

The hash rate (mining speed) is used as an indicator of the computer’s calculation speed when performing this mining.

By mining on a computer with a high hash rate, there is a possibility that you will receive more mining rewards.

Hash rate speed units

The hash rate unit is expressed in “(Hash/s)”, which indicates how many hashes can be calculated in one second.

For example, “1H/s” means that one hash calculation can be done per second.

The units of speed include “KHs,” which is 1,000 times faster than Hs, “MHs,” which is another 1,000 times faster, and “GHs,” which is another 1,000 times faster.

KHs < MHs < GHs < THs < PEs < EHs

The Bitcoin (BTC) hash rate (mining speed) has been improving, and on September 18, 2019, it hit a record high of 100 EH/s (one quintillion times per second).

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